Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry

Everyone wants to have an impressive smile, a clean and healthy mouth. Despite the appearance of the mouth, cosmetic dentistry alternatives such as: dental whitening, composite veneers or E MAX veneers. These clinical solutions through our methods and techniques can provide HOLLYWOOD SMILE.


What is aesthetic dentistry and what is different from cosmetic dentistry?

In dentistry, aesthetics is the set of theories that refer to the concept of “beauty”, related to the appearance of a prosthetic restoration obtained through the creation of ideal shapes and colors. Aesthetics is a set of objective and subjective elements, regulated by the principles on which the concepts of beauty and attractiveness are founded.

A distinction, more academic than clinical, between aesthetics and cosmetic in dentistry can be made with cosmetic dentistry that part of therapies whose sole objective is to improve the appearance of one or more dental elements, oral and / or perioral tissues. ; for aesthetic dentistry, on the other hand, it is possible to understand the study and realization of dental restorations which, although necessary due to dental problems such as fractures, caries or lack of teeth, restore or improve the appearance.

Therefore, to be rigorous, the concept of aesthetic dentistry pertains to all prosthetic therapies, considering that the goal should always be the obtainment, as well as an optimal function and biology, also of a pleasant appearance.

Often in a same patient the cosmetic and the aesthetics overlap, and the distinction between the two disciplines becomes philosophical. We talk about cosmetic dentistry in the bleaching of pigmented teeth, or in the application of “piercing” dental, or in additive or subtractive plastics of malformed elements. However, when dental plastic also restores the function (for example by reconstructing a canine or incisal guide) the same therapy can be inscribed in the perimeter of aesthetic dentistry.


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