Fixed dental prostheses or dental crowns

Dental prosthetics are used both to replace natural teeth and to improve dental aesthetics, when the teeth are damaged, but are still recoverable.

Dental crowns are artificial restorations that permanently replace broken, lost or chipped teeth. They are coatings that go beyond the original tooth. The crowns may be ceramic zirconium, ceramic metal, ceramic gold or all-ceramic.

In addition to replacing a tooth to perfection, they are also able to replicate their natural beauty. Fixed dental prostheses include both crowns and bridges fixed on natural teeth and those fixed on integrated bone implants. They are permanent dentures: they are cemented to natural teeth or artificial roots, so they can not be removed.

Fixed dental prostheses on natural teeth

Called in the colloquial language “bridge”, this prosthesis is cemented on natural teeth, which act as a pillar. For dental prostheses on natural teeth, metal-ceramic or zirconium-ceramic crowns are used
On the natural teeth, which must support the artificial tooth, crowns are applied on the inner sides, between which the missing tooth will be inserted.

Fixed dental prostheses on implants

When several teeth are missing, a solution is the cemented fixed prosthesis on a plant, placed on an artificial root to which the replacement tooth is secured. The best implant is osseointegrated, created in titanium, metal that blends with the bone.
Implants integrated into the mandibular and maxillary bone allow complete stability of the dental prosthesis


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